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Diablo 3 Guide:Demon Hunter Skill Build Sharing

4/12/2013 3:51:09 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Away from the D3 for a while, before the 1.0.8 patch coming I decided to come back again. During the time I left, the Demon Hunter gradually faded out the dark world. Most of my old friends abandoned the gorgeous character and turn to play Monk and Witch Doctor. Although the DH at bottom situation, I still believed the Demon Hunter is the most interesting profession in Diablo III. Now, we would like to share two different Demon Hunter Skill Builds with the fan of DH.


Strafe + Demolition: This is the main attack skill for this build. When you are blindly pursuing the movement speed, you can’t clear up monsters efficient. So, to choose the demolition add 187% weapon damage would better. Meanwhile, the Vault would help you increase the movement speed and the 300% weapon damage as fire can clean all the monsters fast.


Shadow Power + Gloom is the required skill for the DH. There is no doubt that save life is saving time. Of course, if your weapon has the life steal, and the all resistance is high you can exchange rune into Well of Darkness.


Vengeance & Night Stalker: This Skill build is good for player to farm Diablo 3 Gold and experience fast. But the consumption of discipline is also fast. To choose these two passive skills is necessary to ensure the recover of discipline and hatred.


Grenades + Cluster Grenades: This Skill Build can consider long and close distance combat. The 95% weapon damage and 112% weapon damage is the main attack. The 3 hatred consumption allow players cause the maximum damage.


The operation: After release the Marked for Death, start the Shadow power at the same time to use the Spike Trap and Caltrops. As long as the hatred at the bottom, just release the Preparation. Tips: try your best to keep Shadow Power and five traps.


As you see, the discipline is not good to control. The newbie should practice makes perfect. Some customers would wonder of how to choose the weapon for DH. As for my personally experience, the 2-hand crossbow has highly cost effective. If you want to try this build you’d better pay attention on the DPH. The hand crossbow which has high critical hit damage increased, 1350 per damage and socket basically are cheap in Auction House.


In the end, if you have an excellent Demon Hunter Skill Build to share with us you can come to our FACEBOOK Page. Of course, you can get the free D3 Gold as the award. Thanks for your visiting!