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Which Professions has the strongest survivability in Diablo III PVP Mode

4/8/2013 9:19:39 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]Before the Diablo III 1.0.8 Patch release, there are lots of things waiting for us to enjoy. As you see, the challenge Hardcore mode full of unknown world we never met. In addition, the PVP still have strong attraction for us to experience the different gaming. Once you get an excellent Diablo 3 item, why not arm with it and invite your friend come to the PVP mode. It is the best way to prove yourself and get the sense of accomplishment. We need challenge and accomplishment to be happy.


In the Diablo 3 PVP, which profession would be your ideal choice? We all know, the most important factor in the PVP is the survivability. As long as you ensure you life blood that you can maximize DPS. Now, we want to make the research of which profession has the strongest survivability in the Diablo III PVP?


1.Barbarian. There is no doubt that Barbarians is never afraid of melee battle which main attack is depending on the fast attack speed weapon. As you know, the passive kill of Nerves of Steel would increase your armor by 100% that is the essential factor to ensure your life blood. Apart from that, the Tough as Nails will increase your armor by 25%.


2.Demon Hunter is the strongest mobility career which has fast movement speed. The flexible Demon Hunter can take good use of terrain to avoid the damage from opponents. Meanwhile, the high critical hit damage would create crazy damage per second! The skill of shadow power almost be said the most popular skill to protect life.


3.Witch Doctor. The WD not only has the strongest Zombie to offer the strongest DPS, but also they would share the damage from monsters. The Gruesome Feast and Spirit Vessel can increase your all resistance as well as ensure your life blood.


4.Monk. For the monk, the strongest survivability in Diablo 3 normal mode is obviously. While, in the PVP, monk is the popular profession either. The Seize the Initiative and One with Everything are would improve your armor and all resistance. In addition, Transcendence will continuously to provide the life.


5.Wizard. For my personally, Wizard would be the gorgeous profession in Diablo III. The flowery skills bring us a different experience. Meanwhile, Wizard has various controlling skill which would freeze your enemies so that you can escape within seconds. Of course, the Archon would provide your armor and resistance.