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Which Passive Skill is the Necessary for Monk in Diablo 3 Hardcore

4/5/2013 4:58:05 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]Before the 1.0.8 Patch release, why not experience Diablo III Hardcore? As we all know, the HC is not difficult than the normal mode. In fact, compare to the normal mode you should pay more attention on the survival so that you should change your playing style. We can’t in a rush to chasing monster in HC anymore. If you are the newbie in the Hardcore, the best way is purchasing ideal items to handle the challenging Hardcore. Of course, the appropriate skill build is the necessary.


In the Hardcore Mode, the Monk, Barbarian, Witch Doctor are the popular professions. Due to the survival is the most important factor you should take consideration. Now, can you share with us which passive skill build is necessary for your Monk in the Hardcore?

1.Near Death Experience
To restored 35% of maximum life and 35% spirit per minute. That’s a most important skill to save your life in an emergency. As you see, the high blood life you have, the additional earnings you can get. In addition, the 35% spirit can let you out of dangerous situation. After this skill release, all the skills would reset the CD.


2.One With Everything
In the normal mode, there are eminent monks have abandoned the One with Everything. While, this skill still has irreplaceable position in the HC. As for the players who arm with legendary sets, the all resistance would terrible without the One with Everything. There is no doubt this skill is the biggest advantage for Monk in Hardcore. Who will dislike and avoid the high all resistance?


3.Seize the Initiative
Among five professions in the Diablo III, everyone needs the armor except Barbarians. Especially for the Monk who is close battle character, armor would improve the protection and enhance the resistance.


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