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The Discussion of Diablo 3 In-game Activity

4/4/2013 3:58:27 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Diablo III as the classical Daiblo series which transfer from PC game to MMORPG has spent lots of time. However we are immersed in the tradition Diablo 3 playing style, but didn’t notice the reform of Diablo 3 still lack of new elements.

First, Diablo 3 isn’t a PC game now. Due to the existence of Auction house that the In-game commerce is surprisingly hot! Well, don’t you find there isn’t any official activity in this game? Why? Is that developer didn’t consider that players need the activities to make different gaming experience when they are design the game? Now, players are looking forward the new patch everyday because of the players can’t make a breakthrough in the game any more. Just depends on new patch which brought the new element to support us playing with friends. Like the Guild Wars 2 and WOW, there are lots of activities in the game to attract players come to game everyday. The big boss of Blizzard would explain that the game mode is different, but it is really a terrible excuse!
As well all know, most of bugs we can fix online which means the adjustment would be easier. Is tough to add the interesting activities in the Diablo III?

Activity 1: The random events.
When the players happy to farm Diablo 3 gold and upgrade, after you killed a monster that lots of monsters floating down from the sky and you will be died in second. There is no way you can escape, the density of monster let you unable to move so that you have to back to town. You can invite your friends to help you or you can fight alone. In the end, after you smash all monsters that you have chance to get a legendary Diablo III Items as the award. Is that difficult to make change?

Activity 2: Ranking List
There is no ranking in the PVP system. Can’t we have a ranking of the fast speed to brush single map? Is it a new map challenge mode added for Diablo III? There is ranking, there is competitive which related from the equipment competitiveness.

Activity 3: To hold activity that the Diablo 3 gold drop or experience would double in the particular map. Sounds exciting?

All of these are insight of my personal, there are lots of gaming activities worth of considering among massive MMORPG. Why should we worried about how can we do in Diablo III. Should we have to stay at auction house everyday? Should we farming D3 Gold and D3 Items everyday? What else can we do?

In generally, I still love playing Diablo III. Although the Blizzard can’t hear my voice, I really want more new elements will exist in D3.