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My earlier impressions of Demon Hunter leveling

6/19/2012 10:59:30 PM

What is your first impression in D3? It is mostly acclaim that the greatest purely entertainment and freedom. When we play WOW and other MMORPG games based on cooperation mechanism, it will enable us to focus on many aspects, such as varies professionals, their own wide choice of equipments, specific direction during the course of fighting boss and the assignments of skills. Compare with them, Diablo III has became a fresh AOE role-playing game, which is different from other traditional game style. All you do is to play SOLO happily. Also you can choose to play together with your friends in a group.


As for all the professions, Demon hunter is a particular one that I played. In the first place, Demon hunter is a special character which can own the perfect combination of two skills. One is called hatred, the other is belong to discipline. In addition, the mix of skills and runes have caused replies commandments. It can provide players gain more variety of choice and even the varies playing style. No matter how particular it is, it won not make an appearance for melee hunter as a playing.According to different professions in varies periods, the choice for equipments and Diablo III Items has been changed. I had a headache when I create Demon hunter as my character because of a fragile DH, including a lowest rate of hatred and discipline. Therefore, I put highly emphasis ondual-energy groove constitution and damage as my first favorable priority. Why not choosing attack speed? It has close relationships with the features of skills in the earliest days. Owe to a lower attack power during the earliest period, if we can not increase output, attack abilities won not last very long based on increasing attack speed and faster hatred. As a result ,the outcome has turned out to be tragic.


When I am at 10 level, all I do is to relay on adding output and recovery energy as a precondition. Being a core skill, Hatred and Ball Lighting is mostly contributed to meet the requirements of DPS output and maintain a long-time course on the basis of a easy control playing style. After 20 level, especially for 24 level, it will play a important role to unlock the skills and runes.For now,solo in D3 is easy and fun!Especially for the Vaul, it will hit the monsters instantly. It will enable them to run out in the shortest time even if you are forced to the difficult obstacles. What is more, the last mix of skills choice depends on players'personal favorable decisions as they desire.


Generally speaking, trap is considered to be the most important part in all kinds of Demon hunter role-playing games. Also it is well-known to become a remarkable skill. In Diablo III,Red talons thorn is very important, it can increase 10% damage. In the last period, Demon hunter can gain 35% Critical Hits Damage. If adding 10% more, it will be wonderful.  At this time, the attack power has access to achieve above 1.8. If I suppose it has 2 attack speed, according to 45% Critical Hits Damage, the attack ability will make a difference in every 1 second. During the earliest period, the choice for weapons is special for Demon hunter, beside bows and bolt, the one-hand bolt is added into it. So what elements you should consider is including the perfect combination of damage, agility and injury.


For example, a bow with 200 attracks,if the attacks is shown below 50-150, actually, the attacks is (50 +150) / 2, draw, that is 100; if per second attacks is 2, agile 300, then the actual attacks is ((50 +150) * 2 * (1 +300%)) / 2 = 800. For two-handed weapon, each weapon's attack speed will be improved 15% and attack is calculated by turns. Non-weapon damage is added directly to the weapons attack, if the ring add 10 damage, then the damage with former weapons is 880. While,it is easy to calculate attack speed, all your additional damage should be countted in !As follow,a ring can increase speed 10%,the other increas 15%, then the attack speed is 2 * (1 +10% +15%) = 2.5. Another Coin you should notice that the jack of the weapons in eaarly. For hunters generally inserted RUBY, it will create quickest way to improve the experience and attack and relize fast upgrade!


In D3,the four-fifths time i spended on fighting with boss,while,the one-fifths time i'm shopping in AH!After i achived 60 level,I have obtained one thousand of items and gears before I enter into Inferno.Unfortunately,only three Diablo 3 Items play a important role in my personal period.I don't know that i'm not the lucky dog or the game itself set up!When I Coin out the powerful items on the Auction House, I just doubt about if Blizzard requires to return Diablo3 Gold on it. Sometime, if I am lucky, I can gain several equipments. I will share with you about the Inferno next time.