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Which weapon is Your Follower Choice?

3/25/2013 11:57:42 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]Recently, the most popular news is the Diablo 3 PS3 will be released on the 2013 PAX east. Meanwhile, there will be a new online game would be launched by Blizzard. Are you looking forward it? Hope for this game exhibition will bring us more and more excellent online game.


In the Diablo III, each hero can choose a follower company with us to fight! In the tough process of treasuring the Diablo 3 Items, our follower is the only one who witness our growing. What do you think of your follower? Have you satisfied your partner? Will you spend lots of Diablo 3 Gold to gear up you friends? According to the latest video of Blizzard official, we can clearly know how to choose the ideal follower to help our hero upgrading fast and easy. Meanwhile, the manager has told us which weapons is the popular choice for each heroes. Now, why not come to our site and tell us which weapon is your follower choice?


Echoing Fury: The chance to fear on hit makes this weapon becomes popular in Auction House. No matter for the Monk or the Wizard, this will be a great choice. For the followers, the ability of controlling is important than damage additional. The 20% chance to fear on hit would play important in the battle.


Sun Keeper: There is no doubt this weapon is the best choice to increase the MF and GF. In the Diablo III, our external pursuit is farming the unknown legendary items and plenty of D3 Gold.  Before the 1.0.8 Patch release, the high MF will ensure you to get enough Demonic Essence. The maximum 45% MF has strong attraction for us!


Buriza-Do Kyanon: For the thief, this weapon is the most popular in Diablo III. It not only has the highest chance for ranged projectiles to pierce enemies, but also the anther attributes of freezing on hit is wonderful! For the range class, to slow down the speed of enemies is an important factor to ensure the vitality.


Azurewrath: The 5%-15% chance to freeze on hit support this weapon becomes the most popular choice for Enchantress and Templar. Of course, the price of this weapon is reasonable.


The Grand Vizier: The highest MF and GF is the reason why many players choose to buy it! As we know, the MF, GF and experience addition will work even the followers has died. In addition, the MF is the most important factor in Diablo III.