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Most Popular Diablo 3 Monk Build Skill Share

3/22/2013 4:32:45 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Today, we are glad to introduce the most popular skill build for Diablo 3 Monk. As we all know, the most interesting thing in Diablo III is farming legendary items and alternating the skill build according to your equipments. Different attributes would provide different skill additional for your hero. Now, there are three Monk Skill Builds, which is your favorite one?



This is the popular build for Monk in the new patch. We believed that most of players have the fundamental items to match with this build. As we all know, the Guardian’s Path would increase 35% spirit generation which apply to the D3 Items have the attributes of gain spirit per second. Actually, as long as you have a Guardian’s patch that you can keep enough spirit all the time. In addition, facing the numerous monsters the Wave of light is the most important skill to help you clear up and recover life blood. While, when you are encountering the single high output monster or the Big Boss behind the red door would not so good!



We recommend this build because of the high degree of balanced which is appropriate for the 1.0.7 patch. As you know, the Breath of Heaven increase the DPS is continuous, and Seize the Initiative would enhance your survivability. From my personally view, this build is wonderful for the players who has high DPS 2-hand weapon. You may have a try!



Although the attack speed of Deadly Reach is less than Fists of Thunder, it still can match with the Wave of Light cause the perfect AOE effect. In addition, each hit of Deadly Reach is AOE and every critical hit would recover 10 spirits. The Wave of Light is the most consuming and outputting skill, and the Serenity is necessary to dealt with the terrible situation. The advantage of this build is that have no essential requirement of life steal and life hit back, you have no need to search the huge expensive weapon which has high damage per second!


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