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How do you think of the suggestions of Daily Achievement and XP Bonus in Diablo III?

3/20/2013 11:11:12 AM

[Diablo 3 Poll]Recently, the suggestions of Daily XP bonification and Daily Achievements in REDDIT have caused wide public concern. The casual players want the Blizzard add the XP bonus per day to help most of players upgrading fast. At the same time, to add the daily achievements for the boring farming adventure. Facing the lost of players in the Diablo III, should Blizzard release the dailies incentive to retain players? How do you think of the suggestions of Daily Achievement and XP Bonus?

Don't Care: Actually, I don’t have time to play everyday. After the passed 9 months, Blizzard make me unsatisfied and the boring farming legendary system isn’t for me. Even though the dailies incentive added in D3, I don’t care any more.

Objection: Be honestly, if the dailies bonus appeared in the Diablo 3 that would disapCoin us. We like playing D3 because the enchanted adventure of hunting treasure. I don’t know what kind of legendary items we would get it is full of mystical and unknown. Is it exciting? Daily challenges sounds fun, but D3 is totally different from other online game. Playing game just for relaxing, we don’t like to be compelled to log in everyday.

Approval: It would be cool if there were dailies bonus for farming Diablo 3 Items everyday. As you know, the paragon leveling is tough process and the MF% is the most important factors for us to farm legendary items. In addition, there is need to add the new thing to encourage players to do something rather than farming ACT III day and day. In the WOW, the daily achievements make us get more fun. Why not apply to the Diablo III?


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