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The Diablo 3 Guide for Frost Wizard to Equip in 1.0.7 Patch

3/18/2013 2:08:42 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]The Frost Wizard Build is depending on the Ray of Frost and Sleet Storm as the primary attract save CD time skill which is divided into to mode that are 2-hand Skorn and 1-hand Sword Wizard. Today, we mainly focus on the operation and equipment for the Wizard who arm with Skorn.

First, we should ensure the essential requirement for this build. Because of the Sleet Storm is the close-battle skill, we have high requirement of defensive. The life blood at least 50K, All resistance need arrive at 750 and more 300 armor is better. Next is the choice of skill.


Left Button: Frost Nova + Freeze which increase 15 critical hit damage.
Right Button: Teleport is the necessary skill which support you smash into monsters group.
There is no doubt, the Ray of Frost and Explosive Blast and Chain of Reaction is the essential and the choice of Critical Mass which reduce the skill CD to release the Sleet Strom.


The Choice of Diablo 3 Items:

One of the Necessary Items: Dark Mage’s Shade

During searching the Diablo 3 Items in the Auction House, the attributes of critical hits grant arcane power and increase the critical hit chance of ray of frost is the required. In addition, the intelligence is higher better, the additional of ray of frost increases would better above 4%. Just cost millions Diablo 3 Gold that you can get this legendary hat!


The Second Necessary Items: Stone of Jordon


You’d better choose 6% element damage increases and the increases critical hit chance of ray of frost more than 6%. In addition, the attributes of increasing damage against elites is higher.



The Third Necessary Items: MARA’S KALEIDOSCOPE


The additional for critical hit damage and critical hit chance and the necessary arribute of increase critical hit of ray of frost.


For the other items, the ring you can choose Zunimassas’ ring and Tal Rasha’s armor. If the all resistance isn’t enough, you could choose Zunimassas’ chest armor. To choose the Skron as the weapon is no doubt, and the gloves you’d better take considerate the Vitality, all resistance and double critical hit attributes. The belt should choose the Witching Hour which has vitality. Beyond that, the shoulders and bracers can crafted by the Black Smith in 1.0.7 Patch. In the end, pants should have high vitality, all resistance as well as sockets.


After that, an incredible Frost Wizard has been built to succeed. Moreover, I would tell you with responsibility that you can totally enter into 10 MP as a tank. Why not have a try? If you have more useful and amazing Wizard Skill Build and Diablo 3 Items you can share with us on FACEBOOK. Thanks for your visiting!