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The experience for Demon Hunter in D3.

6/15/2012 5:36:50 PM

Since the all resistence items appeared in Diablo III, we all noticed that the significant with all resistence gears in fierce battlefield! While, there seems to have misunderstanding in resistence. The resistence aimed at resisting the damage from monsters,generally, element attack comes from remote monsters.As the Demon hunter, we are good at remote battle, the most important things for us is positioning and kiteflying! Therefore.,in the inferno, the only result is killed which you get trapped in crowd of monsters.Now,I wanna to express the resistence didn’t mean everything for us. If you enjoy fighting alone,the meaning for Hunters may lost. For my personal period of playing Demon Hunters, the discipline is life! The sufficient discipline can do a favor for you in inferno!
We all admire some players who play Demon Hunters with high damage over 5w.Actually,the data in control panel can not really reflect your combat effectiveness. Even though the damage only 2w in your control panel, you still can conjunction with these passive skills to improve your damage up to 3w!

With normal items you still can create the fairy tale! For my personal interest,I’d like to choose these skills to be output enormously damage!

This is my skills panel.
1. Smoke Screen:Save your life in emergency
2. Preparation: Instantly restore all Discipline.
3. Caltrops:The essential skills in kiteflying.
4. Shadow Power: It is necessary when you encounter the big boss

Passive Skills:

Cull the weak: Damage against slowed enemies increased by 15%.
Numbing Traps:coordinate with Caltrops can increase the slowing amount to 85%.
Night Stalker:It is the strong help support you can regain the discipline right now!
Personal experience:You should keep enough discipline to save your life in emergency.
Now,these are my combination skills when join team with my companion.

1.Smoke Screen: Save your life in emergency
2. Preparation: Instantly restore all Discipline.
3. Caltrops:Increase 10% attract
4. Companion: Summon a raven companion recover discipline.
Well,all passive skills are set up for recover discipline.

Based on the two sets skills you can wander in the inferno without resistence! While,the act 3 is too hard to pass it! What the shame is that I can not do anything when encounter the rage unique.But,if you with sufficient Diablo 3 Gold and armed with advanced Diablo 3 Items you still have chance to challenge the finally boss!If you have good articles or skills collocation, you can send to our exclusive mailbox: [email protected], excellent one have special award.