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Diablo 3 Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients and Whirlwind Skill Build Demonstration

3/13/2013 6:39:46 PM

Welcome to Diabloiiigold which would provide you professional Diablo 3 Guide and Diablo III Gold online. The 1.0.7a patch has repaired some bugs in Diablo III. Hope you enjoy the game and farm legendary Diablo 3 Items everyday!


Today, we are glad to bring you a wonderful video about Barbarians which aims to introduce the skill build of whirlwind and ancestor and routes of upgrading fast.


First, we should choose the passive skill Unforgiving so that keep fury sustainable as well as increase the 2 fury. To sue the Run like the wind match with whirlwind that you can smash all monsters fast and easy. After you encounter the elites, just release the Wrath of the berserker and Hammer of the ancient to kill monster within 1 second. Then, continue to smash the monsters like a wind. The Unforgiving match with the attributes of Immoral King’s and the Into the Fray that would ensure you release Sprint and Whirlwind all the time. Basically, you can keep the situation of fury is full.


As you can see, just take 8 minutes that you can finish the, Curse Tower, Damned Tower, Arreat Cater level 1-2 as well gain lot of experience and Demonic Essence. If you add the routes of Keep Depths level 1,2,3 and Fortified Bunker that you can encounter more monsters with 5 buffs. The efficiency of upgrading wouldn’t slow. As you know, the mob density in these maps is high. Under the 1.07 patch experiences additional, 1 hour can get 150 million -200 million experiences!


More Diablo 3 Guide video will share with you in the future. Thanks for your visiting!