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To Equip the Barbarian with 100000K Diablo 3 Gold II

3/8/2013 10:13:02 AM

[Diablo 3 Guide]The last but not least, there are three attack items. The amulet should have high MF, the 10% critical hit chance and 80% critical hit damage would play an important role in enhancing the powerful of Barbarians. To buy this SUPREMARCY TRIBUTE at 10000k is reasonable.


For the ring, the high attack ability of UNITY is my first choice. To buy it with 25000k, it is too cheap! In addition, the 236 life on hits and critical hit damage would improve the DPS sharply and increase the life blood to ensure the viability in high Monster Power level. Another ring, I also chose the MF additional as well as the damage and vitality, the attributes are comprehensive.



All in all, this set of equipment has completed. How much money I spent on this set? It is about 99200k Diablo 3 Gold! Now, let’s analysis the panel information:


600 All resistance, 6300 armor just reached the golden ratio 1:10 between resistance and armor. The 67.5 critical hit chance, 392 critical hit damage, 140k DPS, 31000 life blood and 5.7% and the MF would reach at 268 at the 6MP.
Next, we can see the actual damage in the battling.

As you can see, the damage of Hammer of ancient about 30-50 w and stand at the fire to fight with elites without pressure. Moreover, this set of equipment could be improved largely. As long as you craft some new equipment in 1.0.7, the DPS is easy up to 20W.

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