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Diablo III: 10PP Wizard Paragon Arcane Infinite Ice in patch 1.0.7

2/28/2013 6:04:31 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]In Diablo 3 patch 1.0.7, the Ice spell is still the strongest among Wizard’s spells. The Infinite Ice has always been weakened since the previous patch, and Archon Build, Meteor Build and other Builds emerged from the water.


Under the low Monster Power, Archon and Meteor are really efficiency. Due to the problem of difficulty degree and damage isn’t high, many Wizard players can survive very well.


But after the updating of 1.0.7, the adjustments to high monster power’s degree of difficulty and Monster Power, let many players go back to the high monster power games again. And problem appeared relatively. The outdated items and Build made players very hard in high MP. The most important in farming treasure and running the map is efficiency. The key problems which affect the efficiency are: the continuous high outbreak damage, the powerful ability to control field and high efficiency mobility. (For Wizard)


Question: what Build has the continuous high outbreak, the ability to control the field and certain mobility?
Answer: Wizard Paragon Arcane: Infinite Ice Build

Infinite Ice Build picture:



Build Detailed :

Critical Mass:

As the strongest skill of Wizard, Critical Mass can reduce all skills’ cooldown time after Critical Hit, which made skills can be used unlimited. This is the logic of Infinite Ice.


Energy Twister + Explosive Blast + Diamond Skin + Frost Nova


The damage of controlling field, which was given play to by these four skills after the cool down, let you safe under high PP monster power.

On Armor selection, the biggest advantage of using Lighting Armor is to make continuous damge after Critical Hit and to make Critical Mass create the biggest effect.

After the strengthen of previous patch, choosing shield skill with area damage can make  maximize damage.

Pressing the keyboard and pick-and-roll are the most important. Though the existence of Teleport, the amount of monsters will increase in high MP and there would have error on pick-and-roll.

Key Layout recommendation: A: Frost Nova; S: Sheild; D: Shell; F: Lighting Armor; left-button: Energy Twister; Right-button: Teleport; Space Key: stand and cast spells ; E: move toward the target.

This key layout let me walk in a small area very mobile, and the key is to click the left button less.

At the end, hope the Wizard players to try and research more new Builds. Thanks for your viewing!