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The New Experience of Sever in Diablo III

2/23/2013 5:07:28 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Firstly, let us talk about this legendary sword – SEVER which has different damage. The highest damage per second less than 1200, while the attributes must have the additional trait of staining enemies rest in pieces. Before the enemies died, the damage has increased 100 times! In other words, if you can output 10w DPS that the reality damage is 1000w!


Some players would doubt that damage is the useless data when the enemies died increased, meanwhile the special effect has been cancelled. Who cares? Well, I’d like to explain the unpopular Demon Hunter skills for you in!


Marked for Death + Grim Reaper
An additional 12% of damage done to the target is also divided among all enemies within 20 yards.


As long as you release this skill, the target enemies would divided among all enemies with 20 yards. In other words, the last attack has output 2000w damage, then among all enemies would get 240w damage. Basically, all the enemies would be killed in second. Is it so cool?


While,when the Demon Hunter armed with this weapon the DPS would sharply decrease. You can share your weapon with the teammate, for example Wizards and Barbarians which have strong single powerful skill. At the same time, Demon Hunter in charge of releasing Marked for Death and Auxiliary Output. Generally, the efficiency of sweeping monsters away is fast! This method of farming Diablo 3 Gold is suitable for the ACTIII, the lots of monsters with less blood life. You will see the yellow damage around the screen. What are you hesitated? Let’s have try right now, it will be fixed next patch.