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Diablo 3 – 1.0.7 How does Monk control spirit

2/21/2013 4:49:28 PM

After Diablo 3 – 1.0.7 Patch released for a while, Monk is the top one among five professions at present. The playing style has changed from Cyclone Strike to the traditional style. All kinds of mainstream game graduation conclusion: Two-hand weapon with breath of heaven and wave of light.


No matter what kinds of alternative Two-handed style, they always use Wave of Light. After the change of 1.0.7 Patch, the damage has increased three times that is the reason why there are most Monk arm with 2-handed at present. While, the damage of wave of light increased means the consumption of spirit raised.


Each profession depends on consuming one of skill to output DPS. Same to Barbarians’ ancient of harmer after the 1.0.5 Patch, the consumption of fury is high while DPS is considerable.

Hot to recover and control spirit is the biggest problem for the Monk at present.

Methods as follow:

1. Choose the weapon which regenerate spirit: I don’t recommend this method because it waste money and time, meanwhile you can not get the good attributes.
2. Reasonable Skill Build: This is the Coin what I want to say, a reasonable BUILD is the most important Coin!



1. About the Sweeping-wind, you should change Cyclone to Inner Storm. Because of the Wave of light is the damage skill which has wide-range will conflict with Cyclone’s effect. In the really battle, the Cyclone can’t completely come out and obviously appear weakness. When you are releasing Inner Storm, you can get more chance to use Wave of Light that AOE would completely overwhelming Cyclone.
2. The Thunderclap is still the best choice! This kinds of movement speed would never be replaced which plays key role when you are chasing the Goblin.
3. Above the active skill, the Wave of Light would replace Blinding Flash or you can choose the Serenity. Basically, the arm with the Skorn which has 4% life steal and release Wave of light that your life blood would recover completely.

PS: Actually, each Build has different operation ways and function. Just like the Way of the hundred fists, if your arm the ideal Diablo 3 Items that would increase crazy DPS!

Hope you guys would find the suitable build and brave marching to the next difficulty. Constant self-improvement is happiness which Diablo III brings you.