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Diablo III: The extremely Wave of Light BUILD of Monk

2/20/2013 7:14:48 PM

After the updating of Diablo 3 patch 1.0.7, the Monk profession got improved greatly, which let me saw the hope again. Here I will recommend a set of extreme Wave of Light BUILD that Monk both can level up and farm items in patch 1.0.7.

Running map route recommendation :
ACT3 – 5PP Monster Power level
We should be careful on operation due to the cancel of Invincible skill. 5PP can be regard as the maximum.
Choose the task: kill the Azmodan
The last layer of the earth's core -> Curse twin towers -> Latent sin twin towers -> Fortress 1-3 layer -> at last killing a round in battlefield.


The extremely Wave of Light BUILD:

Let me state the skills selection of this BUILD, because there exists the high complementarity among these skills.

1. The stable and high DPS is the biggest light shot of this BUILD.



2. Our DPS keeps increasing by 18% via the endless Deadly Reach BUFF, which can offset the lack of DPS without condemnation.
PS: I had the conviction before, and consumed too much Vitality. After finished the first wave of elite, it’s so hard for me to kill the second wave calmly and stably. If you are a master-hand, please bypass it.

3. Here I chose a lot of skills that return essence. The advantage of high essence is very obvious. I can directly cancel the passive resonance effect, which can guarantee the balance of consuming essence during the long distance running and killing.

4. It need consume much essence in the long distance running and killing, especially in killing the small monsters. If your essence returned not enough, you would hurt heavily when meeting the elite monsters. In order to strive for more essence, giving more Wave of Light to elite monsters is still very efficiency( Essence condensation per second: 18+).

5. The Invincible skill can be regarded as the skill which Monk carries from patch 1.0.3 until now. But in the current patch, items are improved. The damage can second kill monsters. The availability of Invincible was greatly reduced.


At the end, here are some Coins you need to pay attention to when using this BUILD:
1. Keeping the Deadly Reach BUFF continuously.
2. Directly making the elite monsters to be blind + three kinds.
3. Under high essence returning, using Wave of Light properly to kill the small monsters.
4. Because we used the Wireless Strikes, I suggest you give up the single small monsters, only if you are using Wave of Light BUFF.