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Efficient Method of Farming Demonic Essence in Diablo III 1.0.7 Patch


After almost 2 weeks tested, Diablo 3 1.0.7 patch finally released. One of the big change is that you can choose the difficulty of game, the other change is the drop of Demonic Essence. As you see, the Demonic Essence can used by the Blacksmith and Jeweler to craft items such as Hellfire Ring.


While, the drop rate of Demonic Essence isn’t high moreover you should kill the elites that can get it! If you want to get the material quickly, why not have a try as follow:

These methods carry out must be in the multiplayer

Tips 1:

Firstly, you should be a high discipline Demon Hunter. As we all know, the movement speed of Demon Hunter is the fastest, the 24% movement speed addition from Diablo 3 Items and the 60% movement speed increased by passive skill. Basically, as long as you keep sufficient discipline that you can ensure 84% movement speed additional. The efficiency of smashing the map is fast. It doesn’t matter if the DH hasn’t high attack power, the task of Demon Hunter is searching all elites among this map with fastest speed. And your partner can stay at village waiting for your news. Once DH finds the Elites should release the signal right now, the other players should teleport as soon as possible. After finished the battlefield, you can back to the camp crafting if you get the material. While, this method has a mistake that Demon Hunter will tireder than the other players who always waiting at camp.


When your group has 2 players, you can each go separate direction, and when a man find the Demonic Essence, the other can teleport to where it is at. Then, keep going to find the elites. Meanwhile, you can choose offline, when the elites left 10% life blood that you can enter into game with your friends that all would save time for you!

Above these method maybe awkward, but you have the friends company with you that wouldn’t boring and frustrate.