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Diablo III – The Barbarians’ 1000 hours gaming experience

2/16/2013 10:19:16 AM

This article only suitable for the middle PVE Barbarian player watch, especially for the newbie or the mid barbarian players reference.

I'm not the player who pursuit the extremely damage, I'm the player who pursuit the balance between damage and defense. After the long journey experience in Diablo III, I deeply felt the pain of death. I wouldn’t sacrifice defense in exchange for harm.


The Barbarian players who give up resistance and defense equipment in order to enhance DPS that undergo adjust on the selection of skills. The typical example: the choice of Overpower’ runs.

Crushing Advance: To release this skill would redirect 35% of incoming melee and ranged damage for 4 seconds.
Killing Spree: You critical hit chance would increased by 10% for 6 seconds.

Most of players would choose Crushing Advance because the advantage of resistance and armor. Only depending on the 35% redirect damage to enhance the viability. But, when the resistance and armor support you stand up in the battle field, the 10% critical hit chance is irreparable by the equipements. Although, the figure on the panel isn’t desirable, actual effect of the battle will be far greater than the enemy the initiative.


Through this example we want to tell you that the concept of change on the choice of items needs change. Hope this article would give the middle players some suggestions:


Every player want to beyond the others in Diablo III, they are choosing the legendary Diablo 3 Items everyday in the Auction House in order to enhance the DPS. If you know the standard of Barbarians’ Whirlwind, maybe you will think about again what you should do for the game.

The Standard of Equipment Attribute:

Strength:  2500+
Vitality:  1000+ (Life blood above 4w5 as the standard )
Dexterity:  500+ (This attribute is regarded as barbarian’s hidden attribute which increase the chance of dodge. While, there is no need to deliberately to add this attribute. Take the primary Strength and Vitality is better!)
Armor:  7500+
Resistance:  Without the War Cry 600+
Life Steal:  5% +
Critical Hit Damage:  500%+
Critical Hit Chance:  Without Battle Rage 50%+
Attack Speed:  1.8+
MF:  With the increased of Paragon Level, the MF can be basically ignored. According to the 70 paragon level players to choose the 5 PP and has 5 buff, MF about 450%+ is better!


The above parameters are for reference only. If you has bee to the standard, basically you are a succeed Barbarian player. With the coming of PVP 1.0.7 Patch, the revolution of equipment attributes is necessary. We will post more useful and professional knowledge to share with you. Meanwhile, huge amounts of cheap Diablo 3 Gold for sale now!Thanks for your visiting!