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The rules of Demon Hunter in Diablo III Hardcorde

2/13/2013 12:36:50 AM

In the Diablo III Hardcore, the survive the status of Demon Hunter is cruel which has low life blood, low defense and low resistance. While, it can’t stop our pace of advance. In order to help other players save more time in the Hardcore, we are glad to share the experience of upgrading fast in the Hardcore Mode.


1.To keep distance. In any case that you have to keep the distance with monsters. The distance is the basic survival. Different from the normal mode, you need develop this habit in Hardcore.

2. Beat and run. When you encounter the tough monsters and you haven’t confident to finish it. You’d better abandon it immediately.

3.Don’t try to attack the monsters which level is higher than your hero. The repression of level would let you play very difficult and dangerous.

4. The Equipment should give priority to survive. There is no need to choose high attack weapon. The most necessary is the life blood and defense. Of course, the comprehensive is better.

5. To be similar with the attribute of monsters. You need know the function of monsters’ affixes as well as the damage mechanism, scope and type. Don;t blindly to challenge the unknown monsters.

6.You should be sure of the network status. If your network encounter the problems, you’d better stop adventuring. Of course, it includes all problems caused by the external factors.


Next: we would share the skill build with you



We don’t recommend the high critical hit damage skill build. Sometimes, once you meet the back hurts monsters that you would die somehow. So, we recommend the long-distance skill build. The Hungering Arrow has the longest range and automatic tracking skill. The Elemental Arrow is the good AOE skill. About the passive skill, you should select all survival direction skills.

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