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Diablo III Guide: The Survival Handbook of Wizard in Hardcore mode

2/8/2013 6:48:43 PM

Wizard is undoubtedly the strongest remote profession in Blizzard games. He has super maneuverability and wide control. What’s more, its viability is not under other professions. As early as the first version of Diablo 3, the first people who killed the Diablo is the Wizard. Relying on the most popular build at that time, Wizard ranks first of the five professions.

With the powerful spell damage, after a series of weakening, Wizard is still galloping across the battlefield in Diablo 3. Venom Hydra and Control Ice Ring’s decline nearly destroyed this profession. With the updating of 1.0.7 patch PTR server, we see the opportunity for Wizard to man up again.

In order to meet the arrival of 1.0.7 patch, here I recommend the survival handbook of Wizard in Hardcore mode:

Hardcore Mode: one people just has one life, which is similar to contra.

The item stats selection recommendation of Wizard in Hardcore mode:


1.  Life after kill per second: the continuous life after kill is the key to gurantee blood keeps stable. The stability of blood determines your life and death.

2.  Movement Speed: 24% movement speed is necessary, whether you are running the map or killing the monsters.

3.  All Resistance and Armor: the requirements to All Resistance and Armor in hardcore mode is stricter than in normal mode. There is no process for your items to get red. To be said exactly, because you died. To improve your survival ability is the most crucial under hardcore mode.

4.  Intelligence and Vitality: the necessity of main stats and high vitality items are still quite sought-after in hardcore mode.

5.  Don't crave for more items with Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage and Attack Speed. Damage is no doubt important, but you can’t sacrifice the Resistance and Armor.

6.  Block stats selection: Block is the soul stats of shield items. On the choice of shield you can’t always regard Armor and All Resistance as important, but Block is the most important.


The key Coins of Wizard BUILD selection in Hardcore mode:

1. Absorb damage skills like Diamond Skin, Crystal Shell, they can maximum absorb damage, let you output more securely.

2.Displacement skills like Teleport, you can attack and escape from attack area via Teleport to reduce the damage from the close combat. What’s more, it can save much time via Teleport when you running the map.

3.Wide range movement limited skills, such as Blizzard, when you are killing a group of monsters, after reduce the speed, you would find that these monsters all become dull, they can’t close to you or they died before they close to you.

4. Remove restriction skills such as Mirror Image, it can remove all halt, remove your negative effect from reduce speed.

5. Passive Skills selection:
Critical Mass: reducing the cooldown time can make you to use the skills with CD endlessly. But the precondition is that your Critical Hit Chance is above 50%.

Galvanizing Ward: it is the necessary choice in the early stage of power level in Hardcore mode, and life after kill per second also follows the principle of item collocation.

Blur: decreases melee damage. Basically you are unable to get elite monsters off. Their instant movement and movement acceleration skills are very troublesome.

Finally, hope everyone try to play hardcore mode, and experience the real Diablo 3 life. You only have one chance. Thanks for visiting!