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What Do You Think of Diablo III PVP System?

2/7/2013 4:50:36 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Since the Diablo 3 1.0.7 PTR has released for almost two weeks. Although it hasn’t ranking and prizes in the dueling, there are still many players indulge in the exciting experience of battling in the new arena. Unquestionable, the system of PVP injected new vitalities in the game. Except farming Diablo 3 Gold and legendary items, we find the new goal in the Diablo III. As you know, the poor drop rate and difficult level makes us frustrated. Then, what would happen in the PVP?


We supposed most of our players have experienced dueling with partners. What do you think of it? Is it exciting or unforgettable? After the Blizzard released Diablo III, the high difficult surely daunt us. Parts of players just wondered in the ACT1 or ACT2. With the modulation of Blizzard, the difficult has decreased and the Paragon Level has come out. The intention of Blizzard is clearly that providing the balance gaming environment for expert player have challenges and casual player to spare time. How about the dueling? Is it suitable for the casual players who arm with lower items?


Of course, there are lots of players think the boring Diablo III PVP system wouldn’t bring the big different. Who will enter into the stupid dueling without the prizes and achievements? The Blizzard established the dueling just to stimulate the consumption of Auction House! What do you think of Diablo III PVP System?


1.PK is more exciting and interesting than killing monsters. We are tired of farming Diablo 3 Items at the same map everyday. Hope the PVP would bring the experience for us!


2.Well, the Diablo 3 items which have the attribute good for PVP would rise sharply in the future. It is a powerhouse for the man who want to AFK.


3.More Skill Build will create in the PVP. Most of unpopular skills would emerge.


4.Boring and no interested any more. Blizzard disapCoined us, and we will AFK now.