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Diablo III Guide - Barbarian one-hand shield sweeps in PVP

2/6/2013 6:08:44 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]The Barbarian transformed from PvE to PvP basically arm with two-hand weapons and dual wield weapons. These two sets of weapons have one thing in common on skills build that is the damage is super high. But obviously they are poor at resistance. So the Barbarian is known as crispy Barbarian.

I think the Barbarian like assassins can be given up in PvP. To second kill the opponent via instant damage is basically impossible in later PvP. Wizard has Teleport and Mirror Image, Witch Doctor has Spirit Walk, Demon Hunter has Vanish, and Monk is invincible, because he can directly kill you from the back. How embarrassing it is!

As a Barbarian, who can attack suddenly or retreat to defend, do both offensive and defensive is the most important. Then can be a real man. The most critical problem for Barbarian in PvP is to stand up and then output:

At first, you should choose a set BUILD which has high damage and bleed. This BUILD should have onrush, reduce damage and other skills. Please look at the following BUILD:



The basic operation recommendation:

At first, you need to aim at the opponent’s position and hit him and he would be in a 100% coma for three seconds. Then choose Hammer of ancient + Rend directly, maximize damage, and use   Ground Stomp to stun the opponent again promptly.  Basically, after used the above skills, the Leap would be cooled immediately. During this vacuum period, the Barbarian is the most fragile. You should be ready to use Overpower + Ignore Pain at any time to reduce damage until the next skills are ready then you would win. There is no one can eat opponent’s more than two sets of skills in PVP.

Passive Skills Selection: based on defense types skills, such as reduce damage, life after kill, increase armor, these are very intuitive, and the benefit is quite obvious.

Equipment Selection: the immortal suit is always the best choice for Barbarian in PVP. Detour Fury and Butcher Hook are the best choices on the main hand weapon. Storm Shield is the only shield choice, and shield with critical hit chance and high resistance is the first selection.


At last, I introduce a few tips:

1. In front of contra professions that have high DPS, you should not be stingy on defense skills, double open Overpower and Iron Hide directly, and then hit him by face to face. At the end second kill the opponent during his vertigo time. Don’t give him any break.

2. In the close combat that have much blood and thick meat opponents, you must control the skills CD to consume them, don’t have that thought to second kill them. Because of they have Iron Hide and Incentive either.

3. If you opponent is a remote exporter, after used a set of outbreak, you must rely on pick and roll and shelters to avoid damage.

Thanks for visting!