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Diablo III – 1.0.7 the latest operation experience of Barbarians'Build in Dueling

2/5/2013 6:47:12 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Since the PTR servers has released for a half month, the modification of this patch is continuous. In this new test, dueling mode still is the biggest place need to adjust. While, the effect of new patch in PTR server is lower than our expected. Through more than 10 times to switch the IP and channel enter into dueling mode, there are almost the high blood life Barbarians fight at close quarters. Occasionally, you will find out little Monks and Witch Doctor.


There is no doubt, the Barbarians has controlled the dueling at present. I supposed that Blizzard must notice the question of professions balance. If the professions can not achieve balance, it is really big harmful to Diablo III.On the other side, there is the reason why Barbarians become popular in dueling. Now, we are glad to recommend some Barbarians'skills build in PVP dueling.

At present, depending on the race advantage which would reduce 30% damage as well as increasing the Vitality of weapon that you can ensure the basically life blood about 8w. In addition, to add the all resistance or other attributes, the long distance can’t kill your barbarian in second at all. Meanwhile, the Barbarians still keep the high damage output no matter the duration bleed damage or the critical hit are the top 1 among five professions.



1. The passive skill Weapon Master gradually ignored by players in PVP dueling. Exchange to the skill which reduce damage and improve the protection as well as enhance the viability that you can maximize output.

2. To rely on the high bleed damage of Rend to recover the life blood is a great choice!

3. The Hammer of ancient still is the critic skill that no one would replace it. The damage overwhelms everything! Sometimes, a Rend + Hammer of ancient can kill the opponent in second!

4. The powerful leap would make Barbarian more flexible. The Sprint can attack your enemy at the unprepared.

5. The choice of choosing Shield is the lightspot. The blue post of Blizzard announced the players in the dueling are the elites! The Diablo 3 Items which have the attribute of reducing damage from elite monsters would popularity in Diablo III.


The operation:

First, to use the leap near to the opponent result stunned in 3 seconds. Then, release Wrath of the Berserker, Rend and Hammer of Ancient attack the enemies. If the opponent fights recklessly that you should use Overpower and regard the situation to use the Ignore Pain. As you see, the operation is easy.


In the end, we hope the Blizzard should pay more attention on the PVP system and the balance of damage and professions is the key Coin to maintain PVP mode so that players would enjoy the really balance battle. Thanks visiting!