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Diablo III-The experience of Demon Hunter VS Barbarian in dueling mode

2/4/2013 6:01:04 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]The 1.0.7 PTR has released for a while, there are lots of players has experienced the pleasure and exciting new patch. The dueling mode is one of the most attractive light Coins in 1.0.7. The fighting between players would push Diablo III toward to the climax. Next, we would share the experience of Demon Hunter PK Barbarian in dueling.

The experience of Demon Hunter PK all careers:

As a long distance profession, which rely on the Accurate shooting and the flexible movement to keep a foothold on arena. The Demon Hunter was defined as the Contra profession who will be killed within 1 second. Actually, after the 1.0.6 Patch, the viability of Demon Hunter has sharply increased. If you are the little DH who always be killed within 1 second that is the problem of your operation!


PVP weapon Recommendation: 1-hand Crossbow


First, why shouldn’t use 2-hand crossbow? Of course, the damage of 2-hand crossbow is absolutely higher than 1-hand crossbow, but the critical defeat is the attack speed! The dueling is the high efficiency battle mode, the attack speed directly determines your DPS. Once you find your attack speed has increased that you could control the battlefield and attack enemies unprepared.


PVP Skills Build Recommendation:

This Build Skill is absolutely without any pressure to fight all careers! Depending on the flexible movement, and restrict function of passive skills you can make your opponent can’t find your position anymore. The life steal, damage, movement and incentive can take fully advantage. While, the only thing you should concern is the controlling of discipline.


Demon Hunter VS Barbarians:

The Barbarian with throwing axe is the most popular PVP stronger, the long distance barbarian not only good at long attack but also the close combat. If you arm with the items which would help you reduce the fury of the Weapon Throw and the Ice Jordon ring that is the king in dueling. Generally, you almost died before them near to you. The best way to fight this Barbarian you’d better the strategy of disappearing. Because the Throw Weapon don’t belong to the track skill, once you disappear in screen they couldn’t hit you anymore.

Even though you are shot that you can use the preparation and vault to open the distance. In addition, the other reason why should we choose the 1-hand crossbow is the existed of throwing axe barbarians. If you can’t run away at all you should release the shadow of power to gain the victory to the end. The attack speed can equal to the Wrath of the Berserker.

Through the double trap to control the distance and restrict the opponents is effective. Meanwhile, to use the passive skill custom engineering to increase the spike trap. To release the trap around you and stop the enemy close to you. The most advantage of this strategy is the Hungering Arrow which would seek out and pierce targets.


In the end, hope this article would help the Demon Hunter who always be bullied by Barbarians. Thanks for your visting!