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The CAH compared with AH in Diablo III

6/13/2012 6:40:32 PM

The update patch 1.0.2 has been finished in US server.The CAH formal on-line for palyers who registered in US server.At the same time,the Hardcore Mode server can not use CAH.
For amounts of Diablo 3 fans,we couldn’t predicate that the disadvantage of CAH.While,we can not deny this way can provide a safety and convenient transaction platform for some players who need help from others ! Meanwhile, the process of buying Diablo 3 Items with cash will be delay the delivery time.Because of the scrutiny for players accounts will cost few days that result in you lose the right time to play together with your friends! How can we get the benefits from CAH is still couldn’t comfirmed.Also,the purpose of CAH for Blizzard still can not decided!As you know,the high commission in each transaction is a sum of money for Blizzard.

From the first day of CAH released, we can not buy gems from this platform.!The only way you want to get the gems is exchange for Diablo 3 Gold.Then,compaired to AH,the interesting things you can notice!


As you can see, this Rare Hand Crossbow level requirements is 55 and the damage per second arrived 1031.2 ! While, just cost 1000 w Diablo 3 Gold you can get it in AH.Very cost-effective!
Now,let us enter into CAH,

The price of Rare Hand Crossbow for 60 level players up to $95 !The increase attrack speef by 18% are less than the former!That is clearly, the same degree of items you can save on more money in AH! Why not choose the favourable one?
In conclusion,the early period,price of Diablo 3 gears in CAH will be expensive than AH. After all,the high commission charged by Blizzard!