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Diablo III Barbarian’s Build Guide: The Two-Handed Unconquerable Speed Freak

1/28/2013 6:30:19 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]1.0.7 Patch is approaching now, as well as the test in PTR server is full swing. Although the PVP mode in Diablo III has strong attraction for players, the Blizzard has announced the blue post that PVP is not the core in Diablo 3. The core of Diablo III still is the PVE.

Since PVE is the mainly, the new chapter and story would continue to emerge. The upgrade of paragon level is the most worthwhile thing in the D3. Here, we are glad to recommend the Barbarian’ Build and share some experience for the high level players.

Diablo III Barbarian Build Guide:Unconquerable Speed Freak



The highlight in this Build is to give up the Frenzy and overpower the domineering skills as well as add the Rend. Depending on the strongest bleeding damage that sharply increases the DPS and the ability of life steal. This Build would support you upgrade and farm D3 Gold easy and fast at 10PP.


1. Through the use of Rend, the recover and consumption of fury get balanced. There is no need to rely on the Battle Rage and Sprint to consume the fury.

2. The choice of Rend, Blood Lust which has strong ability of transforming the damage into life blood so that you can stay in game inapproachable! 

3. Recommendations of Two-Handed Weapon: The Skorn
At present, the price of Skorn is cheap and attractive which has high life steal. It is really worthy you get it now!

The place we absolutely should choose the vault of assassin.  There is no doubt that vault of assassin is the most popular map in the Diablo III. Because of the station of vault of assassin wouldn’t change and the efficiency of farming Diablo 3 gold and upgrading are satisfactory. If you arm with legendary items, you can increase the AOE to improve the efficiency.


In the end, if you love playing Barbarians either. Please contact us through the FACEBOOK and email. We will research with you together.