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Have you anticipate the Diablo 3 1.0.7 Patch?

1/24/2013 8:35:41 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]Since the Blizzard has released the 1.0.7 PRT, there are most of videos of dueling shared with us in the YouTube. Meanwhile, our site has posted some articles about the professional players’ experience in the Diablo III dueling. Although the development didn’t announce the exact date of 1.0.7 release, the most popular topic in the forum is the dueling in Diablo III 1.0.7 Patch. There are lots of players share the opinions about the anticipated new system, some players are excited about the upcoming intensive fight mode. While, the other opposite feels frustrated about the stupid PVP mode.


As you know, there are lots of amazing MMOPRG released in 2012. No matter the traditional World of Warcraft or the promising Guild Wars 2, they absolutely are the strongest opponents for Diablo III. According to the survey of some game’s site, the online player has sharply declined in the past couple of weeks. Facing the forthcoming Diablo 3 dueling, what is your choice?


a. I will always here with my friends.
As the Diablo 3 loyal player, to farm D3 Gold and stare at Auction House is my routine. Why should I change my daily life? There is no perfect MMOPRG, but you should choose the suitable one and enjoy it. Diablo III is that guy who can bring the numerous funs to me and my friends.


b. That depends
We have played Diablo III for seven months, we are sick of the same boring map. What can we do after the five professions have arrived at 60 levels? To upgrade the paragon level day and night? Come on, is there any fascinating Coin? Of course, if the dueling would bring the different gaming experience we would have a try.


c. Wouldn’t play anymore
Well, I feel despair and abandon thoroughly when Blizzard locked my account. As you know, the Blizzard has blocked most of account because of using the thrid party software. In my personally experience view, i would like to choose play Guild Wars 2. The amazing scene design and interesting combat system.