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Diablo III – The experience of movement in the PVP dueling

1/22/2013 4:35:12 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]The Diablo III PTR server has released almost 2 weeks, I have struggled hard day and night in the dueling. While the players who arm with the top-level equipments are the VIP in the combat. You can’t shake the position of these professional players, especially for the Monk and Barbarians. As long as you enter into the dueling, basically you would be killed by the Monk and Barbarians in second. So, this article aims to help the poor players who arm with ordinary Diablo 3 Items.

The choice of position in PVP dueling


The yellow areas belong to the blind spot of range attack and close-combat. You should be careful if parts of skills enter into CD and you have not absolutely sure to kill the opponent, you’d better escape the combat area and wait for the CD has finished. Of course, out of combat you should choose the barrier to protect you away from damage until the recovery.



In the dueling, there are lots of round and irregular rectangular buildings. You should take full of advantage of these buildings to avoid the attack and chase from enemies.To search the appropriate hidden Coin to sneak attack the opponents is an ideal choice. The Monk is the ideal profession which would deal a deathblow to the opponent.


The position is the most important thing in PVP dueling, if you are the long distance profession you should learn how to choose the assisted Coin and hidden spot. As we all know, the long distance professions are weakness, once the enemies close to you and there is no hidden Coin that you will be killed in second. One of my professions is Wizard, when there is a Barbarian close to me and release the Rend and Hammer of the Ancients that you have died.

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