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Mini FAQ: Fast & Easy Way to Buy Diablo 3 Gold

6/11/2012 10:13:05 AM

Welcome to our A overview of the process of our work will help you get your Diablo 3 Gold rather quickly. As a large amount of customers ask the same question, our F.A.Q part has answered it. But now we would like to offer this mini faq to help you solve it one more time. There are several parts you need to know.


Part 1, the Payment Method includes Paypal, Credits Card through Paypal, Moneybookers, Credit Card and West Union. You should certainly find one that is convenient for you. If you has something else payment means that is safe, please tell us through "Live Chat". Your convenience is our top priority.

Part 2, Payment confirmation can be checked through "Live Chat" or Self-service Confirmation System. But if you choose self-service, you need to be our member. Sign up and be our member. Sign in every time you make an order. This not only helps you get the self-service confirmation rights, but also you can get member Coins. And member Coins can exchange into free Diablo 3 Gold.


Part 3, Diablo 3 Gold trade means is Face to Face. As D3 has no mail system, so you face to face is your only choice. We will send friend request to you attached with your order number, please accept our request. And then we would invite you to a group, please join us as soon as possible. Detailed information is all in the order page when you make your order.

Part 4, Inventory check can be done through Self-service or "Live Chat". Whenever you have some doubts in mind, you are always welcome to contact us though "Live Chat".


Part 5, Reminder for Purchase Orders. Generally we will deliver your gold in 5 minutes after the order is confirmed. Just be patient, we are trying our best to serve you fast.


Check this passage if you have some questions in mind. If your questions are not answered in this part, you can always get us though "Live Chat". Thanks a lot for your trust in our store. Wish you a pleasant experience in our store.