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Home>News>Diablo III Guide: The Analysis Of Item Stats Before The Coming Of Patch 1.0.7

Diablo III Guide: The analysis of item stats before the coming of Patch 1.0.7


The Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.7 Blog has been released finally on Jan. 12, 2013, which means the next patch will come out soon. In this blog, these changes obviously are not the full content of patch 1.0.7. I think players would not know until the real patch was released.

Among these changes of the blog, the most attractive to players must be the PvP mode. The dueling between players in game can reflect their game controls and gap of equipments greatly. So how should we choose the PvP type items for the upcoming of patch 1.0,7?

Item stats selection concept:

All Resistance, Armor:

Equally to all kinds of elemental damage as well as physical damage reduction of the prerequisites. Here I would like to remind you that resistance of a patch must have a Standard Value and a Maximum Value. This is Blizzard's consistent style.



Blood is the strongest stats in PvP. High blood is an important guarantee for the permanent output in PVP duel and arena.

Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Attack Speed:

In PvP mode, these threee attack stats should have a balance Coin or a standard value too. If these three stats are not in a balance, there would appear one-sided situation, which would destroy the balance of PVP.


After the coming of PvP mode, profession orientation will directly affect the selection of profession equipment stats. Take the Barbarian, Wizard, Monk group for example:


Barbarian: tank type crowd control, choose high resistance, high blood, high armor, with vanguard skill, like charge, jump.

Wizard: belongs to outbreak crowd control type, choose items with high critical hit chance, high critical hit damage. Controling the field instantaneously and outbreaking instantaneously are the highlights of this group. Attack speed isn’t very important. Because in PvP mode, the possibility of output stably and persistently is very low, perhaps you are running away in 90% of the time and there is only 10% of the time you are in outbreaks and control field.

Monk: dart type assassin, choose items with attack speed, life after kill, life steal and other stats. Harass enemy from a distance with other vanguard professions, must find a breakthrough Coin reasonably. Simply speaking, the cut time is very important.

The above is what we have to balance and explore in PvP road. The reasonable stats selection, the perfect skills collocation, and the tacit cooperation between teammates are the goal and direction we should pursuit in 1.0.7 mode.