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Diablo III Witch Doctor Skills Build - Plague Bats to match Fetish Sycophants

1/8/2013 4:55:35 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]There are several major skills build for Witch Doctor in Diablo III
1. With Zombies Bears as the mainly attack mode, to match with kinds of skills to regenerate mana
2. With Summon + sacrifice as the mainly attack more, to reduce the CD of summon to 0 second.
3. With Acid Cloud as the mainly attack mode, to trigger the life on hits and control kinds of acid cloud.

While, this article aims to put forward the new skills build which has different between the other popular skills builds. With the unpopular Plague Bats to match Fetish Sycophants which would cause huge summon creatures. Now, we are testing the new skills build for you.

My attack speed is 2.4, continue to release Corpse Spiders 1 minute and summon eight fetishes.



After uses the Plague Bats, there are more than 15 fetishes.


Why keep the stable attack speed to use the Plague Bats would cause the doubles fetishes?

Actually, similar to Monk’s Fists of Thunder, Plague Bats can increase your stack speed. Of course, you can’t find it from the skills information. So this additional attribute is hidden form players. The attack speed of Fists of Thunder is 1.45 times than other skills. While, the effect of Plague Bats to attack speed almost arrived at 2 times! In other words, to take the Plague Bats as the main output skills would create double fetishes! However, Plague Bats has more other advantage:


1. Excellent DPS: Pay attention on the “Damage is slow at first, but can increase over time”. As long as the Plague Bats target the enemy that would create a low to high duration damage totally to 270%!In short, even if you just release this skill one time that would create 270% damage. Although the DPS compared to the three bears unity is low, the single damage is better than the Zombie Bears.

2. Ignored the terrain and affixes. Facing the strange terrain or building walls, to use the Zombies bears is a very difficult things. While, the Plague Bats can completely ignore the obstacles and narrow terrain to play fully battle force

3. The low consumption of mana: Plague Bats cost mane only two-thirds of Zombies Bear. To match Blood Ritual and kinds of items which would help you reduce the cost of mana, the effect is better! So, we can take advantage of the low consumption of Plague Bats to increase the attack speed crazy. Meanwhile, we can release the passive skills Fetish Sycophants.

In addition, please note that fetishes are not invincible. So, we should protect the fetishes and appropriate to increase the range of picking up blood ball so that we can use it convenient.