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Expert experience of choosing Barbarians Weapon

1/7/2013 4:18:29 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]There are lots of posts about how to choose the right weapon for Barbarians among the Diablo III forums. Absolutely, these posts are indeed useful and great which would tell us how to equip the items to improve the DPS. While, how can we select the cost-effective and reasonable equipments that depending on the players own understanding of the equipment.

In the Diablo III, all the equipments are through the Auction House system transaction. Only small part of equipments trade by the advertising in the public channel or public chat. Well, good attributes always with so expensive price.


Because the Auction House is public, your target legendary items would be marked by others at the same time. Before you choose your ideal items you should clearly know what is your needed. The Coin of choose what attributes is the most important factors you should understand!

The Choice of Two-handed Weapon:


Undoubtedly, the Skorn Axe still is the one of preferred choice for Barbarians. At present, according to the Auction House market the price of SKORN has sharply declined. Of course, it is time to buy it for your hero now! Look at this axe, I bought this with 4000w Diablo 3 Gold. As you know, the previous price of 2-handed SKORN in the Auction House almost 1e D3 Gold.  The focus of selection: High strength, High Life steal, high inflict bleed damage.


The choice of main 1-hand weapon:



One of the highest damage weapons in the Diablo III. The essential weapon for the Whirlwind and Sprint Barbarians. The focus of Echoing Fury: High Strength, High Weapon Damage, has socket, life steal, critical hit damage. While, price of this weapon which own the critical hit damage, life steal and socket is quite expensive in AH. For the players who have the Immortal King’s belt would consider to give up the life steal. The 5-6% life steal can meet the requirement in the recently patch. The critical hit damage can make up by the off-hand weapon or top green gem!

The choice of off-hand weapon:


Because of the Echoing Fury (+ 0.23 attacks per second) would enhance the power of main hand weapon and off hand weapon. You can choose the mace as your choice. While, we recommend you choose the axe and the spears is the final consideration. As you know the spear would affect the attack speed that result the damage and trigger of Whirldwind decrease. The focus of off-hand weapon: high strength, high critical hit damage, has socket, life steal are the essential factors. If you choose the passive skills as the Bloodthirst that you can give up the life steal. Only the life steal attribute that would cause the big different price.

According to the help of this tool in Auction House, you can find the weapon fast and convenient.

Before the 1.0.7 Patch has coming, the most efficiency way to increase your DPS is the weapon! Let’s choose a wonderful weapon to greet the upcoming of PVP system.