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The Latest Guide for Upgrading Diablo III Paragon Level in 1.0.6 Patch

1/5/2013 7:33:45 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]With the continuous development and optimization of Diablo III, the 1.0.6 Patch is close to the end. As long as 1.0.7 Patch arrived, the adjustment of items is necessary. The players would face the new equipment selection and matching. At present, the most important thing in Diablo III is no longer speed to farm legendary items. Some players would be curious what is the most important thing is Diablo III now? There is no doubt the process of upgrading paragon level is your right choice at present.

Recently, the official site has launched the blue post of how to upgrade paragon level fast. I think Blizzard hope more and more players up to 100 paragon level as soon as possible. Maybe the paragon level would affect the balance of the game after 1.0.7 Patch.

Now, we will introduce the detailed Coins of upgrading fast. (Take Barbarians as the example)

1. Choice of the right task and routes:



To choose 0 Monster Power level in ACT III of Heart of Sin- Kill Azmodan. The first time you enter into the task will in the city, then you should teleport to The Core of Arreat and start your adventure until you have arrived at the Azmodan. Second, exit the game and offline. Next time, as long as you start the resume game that you will appear in the Azmodan.

Routes like this: Azmodan -> Tower of the Damned Level 1 (Running a round is ok) ->The Keep Depths Level 3 -> The Keep Depths Level 2 (Don’t brush through every corner, there are so much impasse in there.) -> The Bridge of Korsikk(Running a round in the battlefield) -> Stonefort. According to this routes, have a try again!

2.The choice of Skills and Rune

The Whilrwind and Sprint is the most efficiency Skills Build at present for Barbarians.
Now, we are glad to recommend you 2 different Skills Build!

(1 hour/8000W experience)


(1hour /70000W experience)



3.The Standard Equipment


In the end, we hope there are most players would up to 100 Paragon level as soon as possible. After the 1.0.7 Patch has released, we will bring more PVP Coin and technical support.