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28W DPS for the Monk arm with Mighty weapon and Shield

1/3/2013 11:40:19 PM

In the Diablo III, the equipment is always the most important factors. To choose the right equipment is very important! Sometimes, the mistake of a attribute would cause you lose thousands damage bonus as well as the efficiency of upgrade!


The 1.0.6 patch almost approaching to the end because the approaching of PVP system. All professions will face the upgrading and optimizing for the weapon and skills.The Diablo 3 Items will be the most concerned topic for all players! In the end of 1.0.6 patch, we are glad to recommend the efficiency skills build which involves the mighty weapon and shield.Meanwhile, the experience of choosing the suitable items would share with you! This build will make your DPS achieve to 28w DPS.Sounds so great?


The details of items:



In fact, these equipments can not count the super and rich players. While, we have spend more time on searching the cost-effective Diablo 3 Items in Auction House.. The main attributes dexterity has already one of the most important choice for Monk. The critical hits damage, critical hit chance and attack speed is essential factors. The choice of the Hallowed Storm is a breakthrough which would enhance the attack speed as well as the all resistance.The efficiency of upgrade would greatly improved by the legendary weapon.In the PVP, it would be another lightspot!After equip with such a wonderful weapon, we will recommend you the most efficient Build Skills in the monster power level 5.



If you arm your Monk like these items that your viability would has greatly enhanced so that you must adjust your skills. In fact, many of the monks are choosing Mantra of Healing.In this article,we should tell you damage is the most important and the Mantra of Conviction is good choice.