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Diablo 3 - 48 Hours Demon Hunter Upgrade Paragon Level Experience

1/2/2013 6:32:36 PM

[Diablo 2 Guide]The Diablo 3 1.0.6 patch has passed away, the news of PVP appear in the official website and the major forum for everyone recently. Before the upcoming of PVP system, our professional players are glad to share the experience of upgrading paragon level fast for the Demon Hunter.

In the PVP ystem, Demon Hunter is not available vocational profession! The high crtical hit remote damage, trap crtical restrict enemies and the wonderful mobility can let the enemies tremble with fear.

With the constantly updated.the status of Demon Hunter from flying DH has transferred to the high output and stable profession. As you see, Diablo 3 always uptimize the game according to the players'requirement.


Bola shot & Mulitshot:Basically, 60% Demon Hunter use this skills build to upgarde paragon level.Depending on the bomb explosions of Bola shot and the wide range fire of Mulishot, regardless of the groups monsters or the single monster that would cause considerable efficiency damage!



Bola Shot & Spike Trap: Most of players always running around when they are encountering the elites with low efficiency. Because the capacity of outbreak for long-range professions is not as good as barbarians. However,the Blizzard has make up this Coin for Demon Hunter. The crtical hit damage for trap is the key Coin for Demon Hunter grow rapidly after 1.0.5 patch.

The major skills and runs for these build are same, the most imporatnt different is the Mulityshot and Spike Trap. You can according to your personal preference to switch the build. For my personally experience, the continuous detonated is so cool!

About the passive skills,under the situation of sufficient damage that you can choose the Tactical Advantage to add your add the movement speed of vault to increase the efficiency of farming D3 Gold.

This is the attribute of my Demon Hunter. If you are the newbie of Demon Hunter that you can reference my equipment.