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Discussion about the First Diablo III PVP Blog

12/28/2012 5:11:54 PM

Since the official site announced the first Diablo 3 PVP blog for 10 hours that has aroused the discussions of all forums. There is no doubt that we can not enjoy the PVP system before 2013 as well as the date of releasing PVP mode couldn't be determined at present. Apparently, JW launched the article during the Christmas Holiday aims to attract the loss of players. Feel frustrated about the delay again? We supposed most of players have tired of farming Diablo 3 gold and legendary items at the same spot everyday.


While, according to the JW blog, the system of dueling is currently scheduled to release on 1.0.7 Patch and the details about the new system will announce very soon. Are you exciting about this news? For our personal view, a legendary game is worth any wait and an excellent team needs to put more time and effort into optimization. The reason why we spend long time to wait Diablo III that we all anticipate a wonderful and amazing online game. What about your opinion?

From the popular Diablo 3 forum, our editor has summarized the viewCoin of players. Which Coin do you agree with it?


So exciting, can’t wait anymore!
Nick said: I and my friends can’t wait it anymore. The update of PVP blog is so excited! We are really bored to farm D3 Gold and Diablo 3 Items at the same place everyday. Now, I have prepared to upgrade five classes to replay the modification of professions in PVP system. Hope more information about ladder system would release in the future!


What a pity! The excuse for delay again
There is no doubt the most of players has feel desperate for the delay again. The Antony told us: Since Diablo III released, I played the game with my friends day and night. Now, we don’t want to spend more time on farming gold and items in the same map and same monsters any more. Why not Blizzard gives us some new Coins and creates some surprises! Please don’t announce the useless blog to walk through. Should we AFK until the PVP system release?


As always support Blizzard
For now, Diablo III still has most of unknown place waiting for us to explore. We supposed that most of players haven’t finished the paragon level. Have you enjoyed the Hardcore mode with your friends? Maybe we can share some views with Blizzard to optimize the PVP system. We all know Blizzard development team put effort into the Diablo III, cheer up!

What do you think of the first Diablo 3 PVP Blog? We are glad you can come to our FACEBBOK share your idea with us! More free Diablo 3 Gold are waiting for you!