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The High Efficiency Barbarians’ Skills Build for Your Reference

12/26/2012 5:59:09 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Since Diablo III released the paragon level, most of players plunged themselves into upgrading day and night. The long way upgrade to 100 paragon level is hard and frustrated. Without enough time and legendary items, how can we get the top level before the PVP system launch? Diabloiiigold has summarized the experience of professional Barbarians’ player to share some efficiency Skills Build for your reference. All in all, the 24% movement speed, Hellfire Ring and + 31% experience increased is the essential factors for you.



To use this Skills Build you can ignore the skills CD. Merciless Assault + Furious Charge will cause the continuous smash AOE effect. In addition, the trigger of Overpower will replenish the fury to support your use the Furious Charge. For this build, we are glad to recommend the players who arm with high attack speed `1-hand weapon.




This Skills Build is the classic Double Twister. We have analysis this build in the previous article. As we know, after our DPS has reached at the 10w (unbuff) that means the Berserker will get replaced. While, this build is considerable fit the players who arm with two 1-hand weapons and low DPS.



The key Coin of this build is the leap. As you see, the leap would help you increase the mobility and save time to running. Of course, you’d better arm with Skorn Axe. While, this skill build may make you feel the fury is not enough. If you have the set of Immortal King's, it would be efficiency for you!



At present, Skron is the highest cost-effective 1-hand weapon! The advantage is the high DPS, the other site is the low attack speed, fury regenerations, life steal and life on hits can’t satisfy the requirements. But, you can combine with Ravage to reduce the consumption of fury. Meanwhile, the AOE is very considerable.

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