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Diabloiiigold recommends you how to choose suitable weapon

12/24/2012 7:20:10 PM

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Recently, we have received the questions of how to choose the reliable weapon for the hero. Of course, different skills build should arm with different items. Among the five professions, each hero has the advantages. We believed that most of players have experiences want to share with us, our FACEBOOL Page glad to welcome your visiting! Today, the profession players want to analyze the disadvantage of 1-hand crossbow and 2-hand crossbow. Hope the tips would help you.


Generally, Demon Hunter takes the attack as the primary and launch Smoke to escape the damage. It is better to smash all the monsters in the shortest time. While, there are most of players confused the choice of 2-hand crossbow and the 1-hand crossbow. For my personally view, I would like to share my viewCoin with you.



Take these weapon as example:

1. The attack speed of 1-hand crossbow is better than 2-hand crossbow. The frequency of damage is high means the efficient of 1-hand crossbow outputting DPS and brushing monsters is higher than 2-hand crossbow.

2. Look at this picture. There is one socket on the 1- hand crossbow that means this weapon is lack of the 100% critical hit damage effect. While, the passive trigger is considerable. The chance to target enemies with Marked for Death when you hit them will add the new skill for you!

3. Usually, we launch the Marked for Death always target one monster, as long as you use this 1-hand crossbow that you can target monsters so that you can cause higher damage.


4. In addition, the faster attack the hate regenerates faster. The hate is the key Coin for the Demon Hunter cause the damage.


5. In the later, attack speed would be the key to win in the PVP system. In the arena, your attack speed would help you launch more damage in the limited time.