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Which follower do you prefer to choose in Diablo III?

12/21/2012 4:44:03 PM

[Diablo 3 Poll]Due to the limited of Diablo III, we can’t play it with most of other players just like World of Warcraft. All the time, our follower have witnessed the moment of sadness and happiness, the first time of farming the legendary items and the remarkable memory of accomplishing the high level. Because the company of followers that we are not the alone survival in Diablo III. Just like the Friday to the Robinson, who will accompany with you through difficulties and give you support.


Howerver, the follower is not the most important parts in Diablo III. Different follower has different skills. According to your skills build and necessary, you can choose the most suitable follower help you hell the dark world. Now, why not share with us which follower do you prefer to choose?


Eirena: About our sex Eirena, we all know she will help us increase the DPS and enhance your armor. The strong ability of DPS has strong attraction for most players. The Skills of Forceful Push and Erosion would add 150% weapon damage. If you equip your enchantress with high critical hit damage weapon and critical hit chance, the DPS would up to 10w. If you pay more attention on the output, Eirena is your great choice!


Kormac: About the Templar, he is the holy healer. From his skills we can clearly understand his role in the battle. While, some players dislike the morality and justice warrior always moralize in the battle. Of course, for the long distance hero just like Demon Hunter, Kormac would play an important role in the emergency. The skills of Guardian would help you add life when you are stuck with the monsters.

Lyndon: The attack speed of Lyndon is great. For the close-battle professions, he is an ideal choice. The skills of Scoundrel will help you reduce the movement speed of monsters. When you encounter the big boss, Scoundrel would be the wise choice which will help you control and blind the monsters.


All in all, no matter which follower you choose that you should clearly know what is your require for the hero. Different people have different idea, we are glad you can share your ideal with us. The Diabloiiigold FACEBOOK Page welcome you!