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Suggestions for Diablo 3 players in Christmas Holiday

12/19/2012 5:24:13 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]The upcoming Christmas Holiday makes us so happy. There are lots of time to company with our family and friends. As the fans of Diablo III, what is your plane in Christmas Day? Would you away from keyboard and spend more time on accompanying with family, or play Diablo 3 with your intimate friends?


Compared with the WOW and Guild Wars 2, Blizzard didn’t provide a comfortable and entertaining gaming experience to greet the Festival. The Wintersday in GW2 and The Feast of Winsterday Vell in World of Warcraft have strong attraction to the players. As we all know, parts of players have left Diablo III recently. Facing the lost of Diablo 3 players, what do you think of it? Will you away from Diablo III before PVP released?


According to the Diablo III Twitter announced, there is no new patch will be released before the Christmas. In other words, we still have to farm D3 Gold and legendary items everyday. About this Christmas holiday, can you share your plane with us? Meanwhile, Diabloiiigold glad to give you some suggestions.


Have a try on Hardcore

We supposed there are little players experienced the Diablo III Hardcore in the past six months. Maybe you have built the hero in Hardcore, but you have no time and courage to upgrade in this system. During this holiday, why not invite your friends upgrade in the Hardcore? It will be a remarkable Christmas memory.


Have a try on new professions

Blizzard has prepared the PVP system for a long time. We all anticipate enjoy the encouraging new battle system. Before the new PVP release, we should prepare sufficient battle experiences and operation skills. All in all, experience different professions can help us understand the merit and demerit.


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