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The Experience of Demon Hunter Fast Upgrade to 60 Levels

12/13/2012 5:05:00 PM
[Diablo 3 Guide]Diablo III belongs to the easy operation and transition online game. The transition is the change between professions and the operation is easy to grasp. Almost 1 hour that you can practice your new profession/.

At present, most of players are boring about the same raid, same skills and same monsters. All the same things make us tired of Diablo III, especially for the high level players. Why doesn’t the Blizzard release the new characters? This is an agonizing problem for us. While, the news of PVP attract our attention again!

With the upcoming of PVP, there will more unexpected things will come. Then, we should be an all-round player in Diablo III. In order to improve the individual experience and power, I decided to play new hero – Demon Hunter. After 2 days gaming experience, I can challenge to the Device Boss in 7PP-10PP just like my barbarian. During the process of upgrading, I summarize some tips to help you.


1. The choice of increasing XP items.


HELLFIRE RING hasn’t level limited. If your primary profession has it, you can equip it for your new hero. In addition, your follower can directly wear it. Cain’s Fate is the best choice for you to increase the experience. Most of senior players will choose Cain’s set to upgrade.


2. Choose 10PP in (Normal, Hell, Nightmare.)


A lots of players still relatively vague for the Monster Power level concept in the process of upgrading. Actually, high Monster Power Level can gain more experience bonus. But you should search the highest grade items with low level in AH, of course it sale at lowest price. Recommended players choose items after 20 levels. Generally, you can smash normal and hell once before 45 levels. After 45 levels, you basically upgrading in the Nightmare.


3. Choose the level requirement reduced

After 45 levels, you can change your items. If you don’t want to waste much money that you can buy a weapon with level requirement reduced. There are lots of Manticore in the AH, arm with a legendary weapon would help you upgrade easy in PP10 of Hell. The increased experience up to 300% is great. There is no need to waste lots of time add it!

4. The choice of Build.



Increased speed of movement, group damage is the first consideration. You don’t have to imitate the senior players’ build skill. After 60 levels that you can do it. Now, I’m glad to recommend you a fast upgrade skill build. The Low level players can through the level to choose corresponding rune


24 hours later, the panel information.



With the upcoming PVP, the comprehending for all the professions is the key to be the winner in Diablo 3 Arena. Finally to remind you: Christmas is coming, our website has prepared especial activities for you, keep attention on us.