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Witch Doctor Skills Build - Locust Swarm and Acid Cloud

12/7/2012 7:15:33 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]Locust Swarm is an interesting and powerful Skill for Witch Doctor.
High Output. With the runes of Devouring Swarm, you may have 260% weapon damage over 8 seconds. What’s more, the searing locusts would cause 468% weapon damage.
Wide range damage and high jump probability. Basically, more monsters is better!

Skorn with the attribute of inflicting bleed can make the disadvantage of DPS. Usually, just release the Acid Cloud with critical hits damage would beat the little monster. If there is no critical hits damage that the bleed is considerable. So, how to kill all the monsters before releasing the magic? Under the support of high DPS, Locust Swarm has achieved requirements perfect. Not only you can kill all the monsters with minimums caster action, but also you can continue escape and pick up Diablo 3 Gold and blood ball. In addition, it will improve the efficiency and get more experience.


Items requirement


Amulet and Ring would better arm with locust swarm damage increased.
Skorn Axe is better.
Wide Range Damage

Skills Build:

Operation Skills:
First, to use the Spirit Bank rushed into the monster group, Soul Harvest + Acid Cloud + Locust Swarm, continue running. There are two possibilities:
Scenario 1: Your DPS is high enough. A group of monsters has fallen down and the Spirit Walk CD left a little, go straight to the next group of Monsters.

Scenario 2: Your DPS is not high enough. Only killed few monster, the run away and release acid cloud until the Spirit Walk CD reduced almost finished.

Scenario 3: There are elites, just release the Acid Cloud first then release Locust Swarm to summon bear violence to resolve the elites. Keep going now.

Scenario 4: Don’t hit the elite, let the monster follow your steps. To reach another group of monsters, repeat the operation to reduce the Spirit Walk CD as well as release Locust Swarm and Acid Cloud output the continue damage.


PS.Hex can be used to deal with the emergency situations. For example, the elites with fat movement speed and the teleport monsters. Instantly to release the Hex would let you out of danger and reduce the damage. To use the Hex flexibility not only good for the ability of survive, but also improve the efficiency of farming diablo 3 gold.

This build is slightly weak when you are in response of the unconsolidated monsters group. If you can’t keep five Soul Harvest with the higest DPS,the mana can’t enough support the consumption of Acid Cloud and  locust swarm.


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