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The Diablo III 1.0.6 Wizard Ultimate Four Skills

12/6/2012 2:26:14 PM

[Diablo 3 Guide]After the Diablo III 1.0.5 Patch, Wizard always belongs to the disadvantage groups. No matter the paragon level system or farming inferno machine, Wizard involves in an awkward situation. At present, most of Wizards choose infinite ice to upgrade. If you encounter the monsters against damage and the strongest elites, because of lacking powerful critical damage skills that you would be die as long as a small mistake. Please keep Crystal Shell always. Now, we are glad to introduce an efficient Wizard Skill Build.


Ice: Frost Nova


Wind: Energy Twister


Lightning: Storm Armor


Fire: Meteor 

Details of Skill Build:


This is the most safest and efficient build for Wizard at present. Although there is no teleport support, depends on the powerful damage and life steal or hits add life to keep the steady life so that minimizing DPS is the tendency in 1.0.6


1. Critical Hit Chance more than 50%, and Critical Hit adds 20 Arcane Power is an essential attribute. Meanwhile, you can adjust the critical hit damage through balance your items.

2. Hit adds life: you must up to this number. If you want to choose the higher level farm Diablo 3 gold, you should equip great items with more hit adds life.

3. + 600 All resistance, 4W blood life, 2500 Intelligence, Damage 15w- 20 w that you can adventure in the 5-7 MP. For my personal experience, the 5MP is the most efficient!

4. Output technique: First is Energy Twister -> Frost Nova –> Explosive Blast -> Meteor -> Keep Diamond Skin. Successively repeat the skills. If your Critical Hits chance is high, basically the Meteor is limitless. Not only you increase the DPS, but also ensure the blood life.