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Prospect of Choosing Weapons in Diablo 3 PVP

11/30/2012 6:21:14 PM

Since Jay Wilson announced the information of Diablo III PVP Blog will upgrade soon which has aroused numerous players pay attention on it. More and more players participate in discussion and pose tough questions about the unknown PVP system. Recently, corresponding information of PVP appeared. You can notice the video of Diablo III PVP Sound in Youtube. Is this the trick of Blizzard to attract more attentions? What’s new different will release on PVP? How about the trophy? Anyway, we all have full of imagination for the much-anticipated PVP system. What about your idea?


According to the plane, PVP system will be released on 1.10 Patch. In other words, we will greet PVP after three patch released. What kinds of weapon should we prepare for it? The items with regeneration life?Why not take part in our discussion? We are glad hear your voice in FACEBOOK. Notice: The following terms are purely fictional.

Attack Speed
Present stage, this attribute is very important for players to improve the efficient of farming D3 Gold and smash monsters. Especially for PVP, weapons with high attack speed can beat rival in passive situation. A preemptive strike would give you advantage in the battlefield.


Movement Speed
All the time, movement speed plays an important role in Diablo III. We all hate to spend more time on running and running. Meanwhile, boots with movement speed added will help you save a life when you encounter the emergency situation. At the same time, higher movement speed means you can be more flexible and greater chances of victory.


Different form the PVE, we need pay more attention on saving life. Every player in PVP should have the faith of never to be the loser. So, if the blocked improve 30% would be better than damage improved 10%.


All in all, the light Coin in Diablo 3 is the flexible change of skills. You can change the skills in different situation. Although there are many people believed Diablo 3 rely on weapons more than control. Of course, how can a great hero without a legendary weapon? While, what change would be in PVP?Stay tuned.