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Life Steal Stat Is not Essential for Barbarian Weapon

11/28/2012 4:34:04 PM

If you do not have enough Diablo 3 Gold, you still can play Barbarian in high Monster Level. The Barbarian Weapons with life steal stats are rather expensive at the Auction House. But if you have a careful study of Barbarian, you will find that Life Steal stat is not essential for Barbarian Weapon. If you do not believe me, you can check my video with Dual Wield Hammer of the Ancients Build. I have showed my weapons at the video, and you will find that both weapons are not with life steal. Can you guess how can I survive at Monster Power 7 and above?  Watch my Video and you will find out. If you still have some doubts, please leave your comment at our DiabloIIIGold Facebook Page.


Immortal King’s Tribal Binding would offer you 3.00% of Damage Dealt is Converted to Life. This is unique to Barbarian only. For other classes, there is no life steal option on the belt. So, Barbarians should make full use of this advantage.


Passive Skill Bloodthirst “Gain 3% of all damage done as Life” would be a main reason as well. With the total life steal 6%, it would be enough for you to survive at Monster Power 7 and above. Do you know the price for this passive skill? I would show you by statistics.


This Rare Mighty Weapon I bought recently at only 8 million D3 Gold with +111 Strength, Critical Hit damage 88% and a socket. To search the same level weapon in the auction house with Life Steal and the price rocket a lot.


I type in the search requirements of Strength, Critical Hit Damage 88, Life steal and a socket which can match the 8 million weapon I bought. The result is a little shocking. The cheapest is as below and with starting price of 190 million Diablo 3 Gold. Now you know how important is the passive skill Bloodthirst is. This passive skill can save you a big fortune really.


Below is my YouTube Video. If you have any doubts, you can leave your comment at our facebook page, I would give answer it there. For more Diablo 3 Guides, please visit our news part.