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Member Bonuses on Wheel of Fortune Activity

11/26/2012 5:19:08 PM

Thanksgiving activities are all successful. Thank you all for your participation. As some players still not find a way to win something in the Wheel of Fortune which is most popular in all these activities, we decide to make some member bonuses on these loyal customers. The rules are as below.


One D3 friend like means one special invitation code. If you share our facebook page with your friends and make him like our page, both you and your friends would receive a special invitation code. Then both you can have one more chance in this activity. How do we know that the player is a D3 fan? Your friend can post on our wall with something about Diablo 3. As you can see in our previous activities that all the winners have received their gold, you should share a store you can trust with your friends.


One D3 Friend Order means one special discount coupon. If you bring a new customer for our store, we can generate one special discount coupon for you as well. When you and your friend member Coins have reached 2500 Coins, we would award you both 100 member Coins. As your have experienced our service, you should know that we offer cheap Diablo 3 Gold service with fast delivery.


In the following days, we would add the order history check function for members and the manual order fill functions. These are all the suggestion from our customers. Thank you for the brilliant ideas.


We have various member activities for you. When the participants increased, there would be much fun. To prepare for the next YouTube Contest, we need to make sure that there are enough participants. If you have more constructive suggestions, please message us or leave your comments at our facebook wall. If you have any doubts about these bonuses, you are welcome to contact us at facebook.