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Poll How Long Would It be Enough for a YouTube Contest

11/24/2012 9:21:55 PM

As to the next week member activity, we would like to get our customers involved. You would be the one who set the rules for the activity that you are going to take part in. You would not be the passive role that only follows the game rules. You are the one that determines it. We would hold a YouTube contest next week and the winner who gets the most views about the video uploaded would win 300000K Diablo 3 Gold. This is not a matter about lucky anymore. It is the time for you to demonstrate your capacity and intelligence. Then how long would it be enough for you to get over 1000 views for your uploaded YouTube video?


Three weeks would be enough. This would be most exciting as you have only three weeks to prepare your video theme, make your video. Of course, your competitors would be less as well. When other players want to take part in, maybe there is not enough time for other players to over 1000 views.


Four weeks would be enough. This would be a little easier compared with three weeks. You would only need to reach about 35 views per day to meet the requirement. When you have your videos uploaded, you would have a couple of weeks to promote your videos as well. Sometimes, the most exciting and pleasant time is when you are make an effort to win.


Five weeks would be enough. This option is the least challenging. But your enthusiasm can last so long, I am wondering? But if you are the guy who wants to prove that you can make a magic, you would like this idea as it would make you far standing out from other candidates. It would be a proud time to win the first prize.


If you have other ideas about this YouTube activity, please leave your comments at our Facebook Page or at our feedback page. We would take every piece of ideas seriously. To make our contest fair and interesting, your contribution would be needed.