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500000K Diablo 3 Gold Big Prize would Be Released in 48 Hours

11/23/2012 3:37:49 PM

There are an increasing number of players are taking part of the Thanksgiving activities now. To express our sincere thanks to our loyal customers, we would like to extend the activity for another 48 hours. And the big prize would be released in 48 hours. Are you ready for the big surprise?



500000K Diablo 3 Gold is an option added for the three day celebration only at Wheel of Fortune. Of course, the other activities winning rate would be increased as well. This is a really rare chance for you to win the big prize. If you are still not familiar with this activity, you should go to our Wheel of Fortune Page to read the instructions carefully. If you are planning to buy D3 Gold to support your heroes recently, I would advise you to buy it in 48 hours to win another chance to take the raffle at Wheel of Fortune. Of course, we would unveil the invitation code at our facebook page as well. But that only give you one chance. 500000K Diablo III Gold is not a small amount of bonus which can help you gear your hero to the top level. Do not lose this chance, or you will regret it.


Online service is always ready to help you to have the prize gold delivered to your account. We would advise the winners to get your prize gold in three days. If you have trouble to exchange it directly, you can contact our online service with your winning order number. They can assist you 24/7. We would like you to join our facebook community whether you have won or not. It would be great for other players to see that there are a lot of players just care the activity like them.


Another piece of good news is that we are preparing another member activity now. It is a contest about youtube. Just keep a close eye at our site and get the details. Good luck!