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D3 Barbarian Dual Wield Hammer of the Ancients Build

11/21/2012 11:50:59 AM

I made an investigation about the Barbarian Build before I post this build. The result is a little disapCoining. Vast majority players still rely heavily on the Whirlwind& Sprint build or Whirlwind, Sprint and Hammer of the Ancients build.


In patch 1.0.5, Barbarian skill Sprint has been weakened because Blizzard wants more play style for Barbarian instead of this tedious play stole. Try to study your skill build and make a few try of the build you never try before. This is the spirit of Diablo 3.


To make a contribution to the Barbarian build, I would come up with new build for Barbarian in the future for your reference. I want to declare a view here that: A lot of players have left message on our Facebook and Feedback about the overwhelming Barbarian build only. I would like to clear it here that we have considered your feedback and we are starting other classes as well. Keep tuned.


Dual Wield Hammer of the Ancients Build




This build is made for the high-end Barbarians completely. I have tested this build for one week and made some adjustment. Then can I recommend this build to you.


Start with  Furious Charge , usually when you charge to the third monsters, then you can use    Overpower. I guess the Fury is almost full now. Then    Rend, and limitless    Hammer of the Ancients can work now. If you encounter Champions at this time, then you should use   Wrath of the Berserker. Remember to remain the effect of 120 seconds  Battle Rage. Because I choose the passive skill Animosity   I do not get shortage of Fury generally.


As to the Equipment selection, we would recommend two great D3 items for you to use this skill build:

Stone of Jordan+ Echoing Fury: take advantage of the Cold damage of Stone of Jordan to slow down the movement of the monster, the Echoing Fury would have an effect of fear on hit. When the movement speed is a little lagging, molten, damage reflect would be tricky. At the assistant of the Stone of Jordan cold damage and slow down the monster movement, then kill the monsters.


Finally, I hope that everyone could interact with us. In the following days, we would upload YouTube video about the Dual Wield Hammer of the Ancients Build. Do pay attention!