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Diablo 3 Barbarian Top 10 Most Used Skills List

11/19/2012 3:47:26 PM

You do not have to be a game master with excellent control and dodge skill in Diablo 3. It is actually very easy if you build your skills with right combination. Then you can easily adventure the game. A set of skill build that suits you best would the most efficient build.


After patch 1.0.5, there are numerous Barbarian skill builds emerging. Dual wield and 2-hand play style are becoming averaged. During patch 1.0.4, 70% Barbarian players are playing with Whirlwind& Sprint Build. As there is some skill change in 1.0.5, most players began to adjust their skill build. The most domineering Coin is the choice of War Cry and Overpower. This is the beginning of a new game mechanism as well.


1.Hammer of the Ancients

This is the skill that gives out the most damage in all Barbarian skills. It exists in most skill builds.



This skill has replaced War Cry and a brand new combination of Defense and Attacking.


No matter how the trigger rate will change. Movement speed can never been abandoned.


4.Battle Rage 
This is the sign skill of Barbarian and can not be replaced.


5.Wrath of the Berserker 
This is the super skill that immune all control, adding the defense as well as the damage. It is one of the most legendary skill for Barbarian.


You can never underestimate the Rend bleeding effect. When your life steal is not enough. This would be your only one Life gaining skill.


This is the landmark skill for Whirlwind& Sprint Build. With the combination with Sprint, this has influence a generation of Barbarian.


8.Furious Charge 
This skill would generate Fury while charging with medium damage. It is the essential skill for Paragon Power Leveling.


9. Weapons Master


10. Berserker Rage

The above 10 skills are the most used ten skills of Barbarian. Actually there are more Diablo 3 Skill build waiting for us to discover and try. Then can you really understanding the meaning of D3.


In the later days, we would launch video regarding the map clearing and Inferno machine. Just keep tuned.


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